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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Work/Life Balance….that phrase holds a lot of power. How you execute this can be the difference between success and failure, between mediocrity and extraordinary, or even the difference between a happy marriage and divorce.

We all know how demanding this industry is so I won’t ramble on about specific examples to illustrate that. At some point in your career (if you are aspiring to do more than you currently are), you will run into a problem where your daily schedule simply doesn’t work anymore. The amount of time you are spending at work seems to creep longer and longer as the weeks pass, and before you know it, you’ll feel as if you missed a decent chunk of your home life.


We all know or have heard of someone who is successful, but has zero relationship with their children, or has been divorced 3 times, or is continually chasing that happiness they think is at the end of the next sale, the next project, or the next business deal. I truly believe that you can have it all. I refuse to believe that it’s simply one or the other. You can be successful at your craft AND be an amazing, supportive partner, and parent. This is the foundation for my mentorship program. Lead generation, lead conversion, dealing with FSBO's, social media, and how to build a team are the x's and o's of being a top producing REALTOR®, and we will of course work through these topics to bring you to a higher level, but it all comes down to systems, processes, leverage and choice management. These topics will be the foundation for you to reach your peak. 

Real Estate production
  • 176 Transactions in 2017.

  • Team leader since 2014.

  • Still actively selling real estate on a daily basis.

  • Main sources of business include: Referral, Social Meida, Realtionships with Home Builders, 

Life Beyond Real Estate
  • Husband to Vicki since 2008

  • Father of two children

  • Minor Hockey Coach

  • Baseball Coach

  • Avid Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Spectator

  • Rec League Hockey Player